Health is The Real Wealth!

Beran Parry PhD uses her expertise in natural medicine to transform your health.

‘A chance meeting with Beran Parry changed my life. She gave me back my health’

Gerry Seattle Matthews, Business Owner, Wellness Entrepreneur

‘I cannot thank you enough after being for so long in pain with my tummy and liver. I can say I now am pain-free’

Carminia Chipolina, Metabolic Cure Participant 

‘I would highly recommend Beran as she has helped me immensely’ 

Maggie Trinidad, Auto-Immune Survivor!



As a Natural Medicine Doctor, Certified Nutritional Therapist, Exercise Physiologist and #20 time Amazon Bestselling Author, Eating Behaviour Specialist and Healthy Lifestyle Expert, I am here to serve all your nutritional and supplement needs.

I believe that every high achieving woman (and man) deserves to live with their best health, metabolism and body!

I believe that we all deserve a life filled with energy, balance and vitality and that we all have the potential to create it for ourselves!

That’s why i have dedicated myself to using functional medicine nutritional and lifestyle strategies to heal yourselves through what we eat, how well we move and mastering a healthy mindset

YOU ARE ON A HEALTH DISCOVERY MISSION! and guess what!…Your FORK is the Your Most Powerful Tool to Transform YOUR HEALTH!

What is a Healthy Mindset?

  • You are laser focused and you produce results in your life and/or your career
  • You have goals, deadlines, clients or communities to serve and you do it all without taking enough time to evaluate and employ healing strategies for yourself!
  • Yet… feeling fully energized, in shape, mentally focused and emotionally powerful seems to allude you…

You’re achieving with ease your life goals but your health and body needs to be at that same level

You’re here because you are tired of being tired and you are stretched beyond belief but you KNOW there has to be a better way. You look in the mirror and wonder where your sparkle went. Or maybe, you don’t even recognise the person staring back at you?

Reset Your Biological Clock with the Amazing Power of ‘Natural Hormone Balance’

‘The Ageless Metabolic Cure’, teaches women like you the secrets of engaging the hidden power of your hormones to look and feel 20 years younger

Want to know the secret to looking and feeling younger? Well, now you can turn back the clock with my new bestselling book, The Ageless Metabolic Cure, the fabulous go-to manual which teaches women the secrets of engaging the power of natural hormone balance to look and feel younger.

“If you want to learn how to analyse and take control of your own health, then this book is for you.”

“Within the book, I share with you how to build a personalised eating programme, how to build new muscle and also how to completely recharge your energy levels. It’ll change the way you view your health, how you manage your life and get you started on the exciting journey towards restoring natural, glowing, vigorous  health.”

The book features insights, tips, action plans, case-studies and recipes and is available here  


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