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From The Outside Looking, I Was Surprised What I Found 

These recipes are delicious!

I’m not a health junkie by any means. I still have a long way to go and a lot more weight to lose. My previous life consisted of eating convenient (albeit rather terrible for you) fast food.

I gained a lot of weight over the years and recently started looking for healthier alternatives to fast food (which is just about everything, right?).

A couple of my friends suggested I look into Keto and Paleo.

So I looked around online for some info on the subject and like what I found. If you’re looking to start ‘dieting’ but have always had issues with the
sudden change in food, then this book will be a great start for you.

The recipes are wonderful. I love that I love the food in this book.

And it works!

Not only have I lost a bit of weight, but I’m starting to feel great. I get out of bed faster in the morning. I have more energy. Everything, physically, is just feeling better. And I haven’t even started working out due to some physical limitations.

This meal plan/diet alone is working wonders.

Marta reviewed

Excellent approach! I love the way Beran combines the best of everything!

Excellent approach! I love the way Beran combines the vegan approach with paleo approach. What she teaches is definetely not a mainstream paleo (by which I understand books praising massive amounts of meat- something I am not a great fan of) and she encourages a balanced diet, inspired by paleo (no grains, no legumes, no dairy, no sugary fruit, plenty of fresh veggies, leafy greens, some fruits, nuts seeds and some lean protein). So big 5 stars from a former Paleo skeptic! The recipes are fantastic and I don’t think I will ever get bored with them. They also gave me inspiration to personalize them and create my own by swapping some ingredients (I am more on a vegan side of the fence). I also loved her motivational tips. Having a clearly defined health and wellness vision is a real game changer.

Olivia John reviewed

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This book really IS a lifestyle course! 

Wow! What a thorough book! If you’re anything like me, you read “Paleo Diet” and didn’t really keep reading to the “& Lifestyle” part of the title. This book really IS a lifestyle book. It will take me a long time to implement the suggestions in this book but real quick let me tell you this is written in a wonderful conversational tone and covers everything we need to combat age from attitude, skincare, fitness, stress, and nutrition. The chart on “why can’t I lose weight” is worth the cost of the book alone!


Michelle reviewed

Great info, thanks. 

I’m on the quest for the optimum human diet, Beran Parry is an author who has the credentials and qualifications you can trust, not just another paleo writer.
This the second book I have read by her and like the first, this one did not disappoint.
Beran makes it clear the she has not written the book to prove a theory but instead undertaking years of personal research to find the answer to lots of nutrition questions have led her to this eating and lifestyle philosophy.
It’s not just about nutrition, which is something I have always thought, its that the way we think can shape our lives, so I was pleased to see plenty of information on how positive mental attitude can help our body from the inside out and it’s backed up with some pretty good data. In addition to this she explains how negative emotions like stress and depression can physically damage our body’s on a cellular level.
All in all it’s packed with enlightening information and includes a massive amount of recipes.

Tag Powell reviewed

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The Fountain Of Youth 101. 

The Fountain Of Youth 101. Fitness and nutrition expert Beran Perry has done it again. This is my second or third book by this author I have read. Each on has explored a different aspect of better health. This edition reveals the secrets of aging while sharing the many other aspects of good health in general. Growing older and even wrinkles are not a major concern for me, but I don’t want to scare little children.
In the second chapter, she shares how my perception of aging is very important both mentally and physically. She quotes the clinical research that a positive perception of aging could expand your lifespan by seven and a half years.
In the third chapter, she explores how to maintain healthy skin and the natural foods that can out perform all those expensive products being hawked daily.
In chapter four she reveals the little-known facts about weight loss. You will learn why some of us bounce back and forth like a ping pong ball and how to stop the bouncing.
And Ms. Perry is just getting started, this information-packed book has 12 more chapters with interesting and useful data. In her next to the last chapter, she tops it off with about 40 delicious and healthy recipes that promote the fountain of youth within you. This chapter alone is equal to many recipes books.
You will want to read this book now before you get any older.

Marta reviewed

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Amazing! Look at the cover – her photo shows whats possible!

Amazing! Look at the cover. She walks the talk!
The recipes are my kind of Paleo, as I am not a meat person really, (not 100% vegan either) but I am more into fish actually. I love dairy-free, grain-free options (I only consume quinoa sometimes, sorry, I love it!) and so Beran’s recipes work well for me. I call her approach- alkaline paleo. She uses plenty of fresh ph balancing veggies, good oils and herbs that combined with some lean protein and a gluten-free, dairy-free lifestyle are a recipe for health and weight loss success. Lots of taste and variety. Veggie muffins for breakfast, smoothies, kale chips and plenty of salmon recipes, OMG I am in heaven! I also found some meat-free recipes. Real Paleo is not only about meat. While many marketers use “paleo” as a catchy marketing line, this author actually understands and lives this lifestyle. Kudos! 6 stars!

Blurg reviewed

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A deeply comprehensive guide! 

This is a robust, well-informed, soundly researched guide to hitting the brakes on aging! In addition to the incredibly holistic approach Beran takes, the delicious recipes in the back ALONE make the book worth buying 🙂

I was especially happy to see that this book goes far beyond the normal tips and routines outlined by many other authors in this field. Rather, she expounds on a very wide range of factors that contribute to aging ungracefully: your internal digestion clock, stress management considerations, long term eating behaviors, and even vitamin aids.

Beran had put forth an impressive guide full of proven approaches (just look at her photos!) that is definitely worth reading.


M.C. Simon reviewed

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I’ll finally begin my rejuvenation program 

This is another pearl on my book shelves. I bought it together with “Fifty, Fit and Fabulous – Your Paleo Anti-Ageing Bible” because somehow, I wanted to have them both.

The book is not only a great read, but it’s also a continuation of the first one and brings the only piece that could have been added… the life-changing recipes that show you how to take control of your nutrition and how to discover your body’s potential to look younger whereby making you feel fabulous.

Reading this book, I started to wonder why we are making this life so complicated. Instead of keeping the “garbage” foods away from our houses, we torture ourselves stocking up on things that nearly kill us, and then struggling to resist them.

I am so happy I acquired both books! After reading them, I feel so empowered and so many things that were still unexplained to me are now well understood. My next step will be to go to the market, to pick out some healthy and rejuvenating food and… by following the recipes, I’ll finally begin my rejuvenation program.

Another five stars from me!

M.C. Simon reviewed

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I really enjoyed this system for my body, mind and spirit! 

This book is about a life journey, on the author’s “real life testing processes that have identified the most effective ways to develop great eating behaviors”.

Beran Parry, the author, wrote, “I really enjoyed writing this book for you”.

I say, “I really enjoyed reading this book for my body, mind and spirit!”

And, I am not stating this because I like how it sounds, but because the book describes the entire system that has become the Feel Fit, Fab and Ageless Approach.

The author is practically showing you the path to take in order to make you leaner and more energized so that a healthier version of you can come out, no matter of your age, weight, gender and hormonal state. Also, you will learn how to tame your body-fat problems and turn back the clock to help you find a younger and stronger you.

I was really happy to read this book, mainly because it is exactly what I need now. A book that proves to me that aging is a wonderful process that we can control by knowing some secrets. I wish each woman would read “Fifty, Fit and Fabulous” (men can also do this because they are also aging); the book is such an incredible gift.

“The myth of eternal youth may remain a charming fairy story but the power of re-generating long-term youthfulness is now within our reach.

The secrets, the science, the method and the technology are held within the pages of this extraordinary manual.”

The author scientifically and spiritually points out that now is the perfect moment when you need to give birth to a new, fabulous and ageless YOU. Moreover, you will receive the necessary tools to do it.

The book earns five stars from me.


J.C. reviewed

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Fit and fifty how to guide 

this is my third book I have read by Beran Parry. She continues to surprise me with research and life-changing information every time. I’m 55 years old and this book really understands where I’m at. There is a lot covered here, even though I thought I ate well and had a good exercise routine I now know there’s room for improvement. And I believe the stubborn belly fat will be gone after following her suggestions. Definitely a must read if you feel like you’re not in peak health, condition or shape.

Anna Bulanan reviewed

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Delicious and inspirational! 

What a great book on how to get your body right! I’ve read other fad diet books but the author share her own personal story, which is very inspirational. Not only does she share her story but she goes in depth on why the diet is good for you. And the recipes are just ridiculously good! I’ve already tried a couple of recipes and they were more than delicious. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone wanting to get healthy today.


Chat Dangata reviewed

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Perhaps the best recipes ever! 

This is an absolutely fantastic book! Full of great, tasty recipes that I had never even thought of. There is literally something that everybosy would love to cook here and make and the best thing is that they are all nutritious, healthy and conform to the PKE diet lifestyle. After reading her PKE diet revolution book I have become super inspired to do what is necessary to get the results I am after. You will not be disappointed if you get this book, even if you don’t intend to go on a PKE diet. The wonderful aspect of this book is that the variety of recipes cater for all tastes and cover all meal types be it breakfast, dinner, smoothies, etc. If you want to eat healthy food that tastes great and also appreciate a good recipe book with plenty of pictures then this book is for you.


Chat Dangata reviewed

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A brilliant system!! 

This is a truly inspiring book written by a truly inspiring woman. She has eloquently and extensively talked about the psychology and mechanics behind losing weight and introduced me to the paleo-keto-epigenetic diet. She really breaks down what I need to do. In less than a week I have noticed a huge spike in my confidence and while I still have a long way to go on my weight loss journey, I am filled with enthusiasm and a sense of belief that I have the tools to success. This is a wonderful resource!

C. Brant reviewed

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Wealth of knowledge!  

Beran really understands what the whole Paleo movement is about with this book. She not only tells you what you need to to do to get started but embodies the very essence of living the paleo lifestyle. I think that it really makes a difference when the author of a great book like this actually has incorporated the concepts into her personal life as well.

She goes through real life hard hitting questions like why won’t the weight stay off once I have lost it. This is where the science of it all comes into focus. It is all about the Keto Epigenetic issue at the center. The combination of the Paleo and Keto Epigenetic diet is the key to overcoming these issues that we have all faced in our lives.

This is a tough subject to hit and requires clear, no nonsense answers to get to the root of the issue of weight loss and gain. This is what Beran not only seeks out to do, but actually accomplishes.

She nails several myths regarding epigenetics. That really helps separate the wheat from the chaff.

She finishes up with a plethora of tasty recipes that show exactly how this can be done and in a tasty way that you can enjoy.

If you are going to change your life, you need to understand the problem and also need a roadmap to getting there. Beran understands this and with this book takes you by the hand and guides you to that solution. I know this book worked great for me and I’m sure it will for you as well.


Tag Powell reviewed

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A Serious Guide To Weight Loss And A Healthy Life. 

A Serious Guide To Weight Loss And A Healthy Life. This is the second book I have read by the nutritionist Beran Perry about her exciting new Paleo-Keto-Epigenetic Diet System. If you have a weight or health problem you need to read this unique diet book. I have been overweight for most of my life, I love the Paleo diet, in fact I have written 8 Paleo Recipes books and have lost twenty pounds and I am currently at my perfect weight. The thing about Ms. Perry’s work she has combined Keto with Paleo and included the Epigenetics. You really need to read this book to understand the power and the true uniqueness of combining these elements. With her Paleo-Keto-Epigenetic Diet System you can reduce your weight and have a healthier body(and mind). And more important you will maintain your desired weight, no more yoyo. Want to live longer? Grab this information-packed guide and apply these techinques.
BTW Ms. Perry also includes a big batch of delicious Paleo-Keto-Epigenetic recipes.
Highly Recommended!


Marta reviewed

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Great system written by the real expert who walks the talk

Great book written by the real expert who walks the talk! Just have a look at the cover and her blog.
Now about the book: very well written and full of great tips (nutrition and lifestyle). What she recommends is very similar to what I follow, I call it alkaline paleo stuff, or paleo with an alkaline touch (paleo diet with lots of veggies and non-sugary fruit, or Paleo that is more on a vegan side). Personally, I don’t follow paleo full time (I like my quinoa and I am not a great meat lover) but I am very open minded when it comes to different diets. What she talks about really makes sense to me, especially if you want to lose weight. I love the fact that her Paleo style diet is not only about eating massive amounts of meat. She actually suggests a balanced paleo diet full of veggies, natural foods, good fats, some lean protein (fish and seafood are my fave), healthy nuts, no gluten, no grains, no dairy and I love the fact that she recommends only non-sugary fruit and eliminates fruit juices. This is a very important step that many people overlook. To sum up- great book, recipes and author. I agree with her 99% (it’s just that I like my quinoa., other than that I can go grain-less, but fair enough, one needs to be flexible). Motivational tips + info about pilates have helped me a lot as well. I think I can take my diet to the next level with this info. BTW she is 50 but she looks like 28. Check it out. real deal!


Suspense and Thriller Lover reviewed

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Really Great Program!

This is a great book for anyone who wants to understand how to lose weight and improve their health in the most natural way possible. If you’ve ever followed the author’s personal story of how she overcame her own weight and health issues, you’ll know how effective the methods can be in your own life. There’s the benefit too of a great deal of scientific research and this is very important because there are many theories out there today about how to lose weight and too many of these ideas fall short of their promises. PKE makes great sense and there’s a growing acceptance amongst medical professionals that this is by far the safest and smartest combination of nutritional planning techniques available in the world today.
A lot of the problems with the modern, western diet can be traced to our dependence on grains. Gluten-intolerance leads to a wide variety of medical problems that range from minor inflammatory ailments to full-blown, life-threatening diseases. At the same time, we’re heavily dependent on carbs for our energy needs. We didn’t evolve to function like this. There are much healthier, better ways to keep our bodies in the best possible shape and the PKE Diet Revolution provides all the answers.
From a personal point of view, my weight issues were finally successfully addressed by using the techniques outlined in this book so I was really pleased to discover that the information is now widely available for others to share. The results kick in very quickly so be prepared for some very surprising changes in your health and body shape. It’s a well-written book so you won’t need a Master’s degree to master the contents and, in case you were wondering, the recipes are absolutely delicious. I’ve given this book the highest recommendation because it makes a truly outstanding contribution to the important subjects of intelligent nutrition, effective weight-loss and health improvement by putting the methods easily within the hands of everyone who’s interested. Well done!

C. Brant reviewed

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Really Hit The Sweet Spot With This One! 

I can’t overstate the time and thought that went into each and every recipe in this book. I am familiar with the basics of Paleo. However, I had no idea that you could both follow the paleo diet and still have such tasty desserts. Well, Beran has really gone and done it with this book!

Beran’s personal touch going through her own story and really seeing the difference Paleo can make is enough to convince anyone of getting off their couch and moving into the kitchen. The concepts of why this work are really advanced, but Beran breaks it down into simple terms that anyone could understand.

After all, if you are going to go Paleo, it is important to understand the why first before the how. After really helping me get a grip on the why, she moves right into the how and by that I mean 50 tasty desserts.

You might expect her to stick to just variations of a few desserts. However, you would be very much mistaken if you thought that. Rather, she hops from one tasty type of dessert to another. From Cherry Crips to Almond Delights and even lemon recipes. Heck I can’t even right this review with my mouth watering wanting to try the next recipe.

I can’t wait for Beran to come out with the next book in this series. This is definitely worth your money for anyone who loves Paleo and also has a sweet tooth!


Marta reviewed


Great book by a really passionate author. It starts off with Beran’s inspirational story where she shares her transformation, her weight loss struggles and solutions she found to overcome them.
The tips are easy to apply and written in a truly motivational spirits. Makes you wanna embrace a healthy lifestyle and feed your body and mind with what they need to thrive.


VMLM reviewed

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Do you really comprehend what all your body’s essential requirements are? 

Do you really comprehend what all your body’s essential requirements are? Do you know what energy and nutrition your body needs to flourish? You may think you do, however, author, Beran Parry, “the diva of smart dieting” may just enlighten you a whole lot more about smart nutrition and ways to achieve a healthier you. 101 Essential Habits for a Leaner New YOU, is full of really cool information such as understanding what your body needs to flourish and stay in optimal physical shape. Parry describes why you should avoid starvation diets, why aggressive microorganisms inside us signal to our brain chemicals, influencing us to make bad dietary food choices. Why weight control is actually a behavior and so much more than just counting calories. This book really gave me a fresh way to look at what and why we eat certain foods and how we can learn to eat in a way that we won’t gain weight but at the same time feel satisfied. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to eat well and be healthy. It will really open your eyes.